Friday, October 31, 2008

Clint Eastwood's New Movie: Gran Torino

Clint Eastwood's next release. Is it a retired Dirty Harry, A new twist of Death Wish, or a new interpritation of of an old theme? Whatever the case it should be good. 

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Anonymous said...

OH YEAH! "Would you like to come over for a BBQ, we're having some beer?" "I might as well." God love his heart! I have been waiting decades for a movie like this to come out again. In a day of nonsense PC, we need more Clint Eastwood's making films to show how the world once worked. I can't wait to see this! Hell, I'll buy the DVD!

Excuse me, I am going to watch the trailer again; maybe have one of those beers the neighbor was talking about ;)

The Right Guy said...

I love Clint, and it's no coincidence in that context as we both have the same type of personality. My favorite film is Unforgiven. "Deserve got nothing to do with it". Amen brother. Good and Evil isn't so clean cut as there are 3 sides to every story and the truth is always the most satisfying.

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