Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Feeding The Hand That Bites You"

This one comes from one McCain to another to the rest of us. You have to wonder how bad is it when the NRA endorses someone that doesn't want it. This lead is from R.S McCain. It just gets better every day in how McCain proves himself to be a sfacime. I guess pragmatism wins out. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm finished with McCain! I do like Govenor Palin; she has my support if she decides to run for POTUS in 2012, but seeing that I live in ultra blue (I always have wondered about the political colors) Oregon, there is no chance of McCain winning this state.

Therefore, since I do not live in a battleground state, I am going back to my libertarian roots, and vote for Bob Barr. McCain is running a campaign like a how liberal "thinks" about their philosophy. You know, "I don't want to offend anyone." I respect his military record, but after seeing his dopey run for office, I can no longer stay on board, regardless of what is going on in Iraq.

Jim Lagnese said...

I pretty much feel the same way. He's basically an old school democrat. I live in a purple state, so it might be worth voting for Palin, but I have a big iconoclast streak in me, so you never know. I do know I would never vote for O'Stymie, even if he was the only person running and we were the last two people.

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