Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Debate III: Joe the Plumber

Man, can McCain put a sentence together? I could have done better with the Wurzelbacher quote. It was as if he wasn't sure or was afraid. Obama had said to Wurzelbacher  was that he should be taxed to help people behind him.

McCain is saying it. Good. But he still seems off and not at ease going on the attack.

Obama sounds like full of shit.

If the top 1% of taxpayers pay 60%, how is going further in that direction make sense?

Obama says he'll go line by line and reduce spending... More BS.

McCain is going at it now. Tells us he's not George Bush.

McCain is actually lucent. he brings up great points.

Obama the cry baby. 100% of McCains ads are negative. Obama you sfacime, the sting in any rebuke is the truth.

Obama is a cacasotto and he dyes his hair grey.

Obama says people want solutions. May be true, but what idiot wants socialism? Pal around with terrorists? Go for it John...

Hmm uhhh hmmm.... Can Obama talk?


Uhhh Ummm ahhhhh she's uuhhhhh it's up to the american people.

Bob Scheafer, lets change the subject....Weak...Obama lackey.

Question: How are taxes investing in our future? Clinton said it and he was full of shit, so is Obama.

Let's look at off shore drilling....Catering to the environmental terrorists.


Who pays for it Dear Leader?

It will cost some money on the front end... How much O'Stymie?

Here's the problem, huh, ummm ahhh huh....

He'll only fine large companies...What large companies don't offer insurance?

Uh umm ahhh huh...

Litmus test? What litmus test?

I've had enough. McCain was much better, but was it enough? I hope so. Obama is a lying cocksucker socialist. If I never hear another huh, ummm ahhh in between his thoughts, it will be too soon. This guy isn't everything people think he is. I've said all along that he's a cardboard cutout that can read from a TelePrompTer. McCain wins fight three on points, and managed to knock Obama down a couple times.

Thank you for reading my random ramblings.


Anonymous said...

Jim Lagnese said: "Man, can McCain put a sentence together?"

Exactly my same thoughts while watching the debate. McCain did indeed look scared while that smug, snickering son of a bitch Obama lied his ass off to the American people.

I don't know anymore... I guess I was raised by a different generation who taught a different way of thinking. I feel like I am in a parallel universe, where everything is the opposite of actual meaning. I just don't get how people think of Hitler as the most oppressive, evil man in history (yes he was certainly one of them), yet he was just entry level when it came to Marxists. I'm not an alarmist, but this is ridiculous! But when I consider how the left has captured our schools, then it is easy to see why there are so many mouth-breathing morons out there.

Guess I'm just kind of shell shocked at what is happening to the country I love.

Jim Lagnese said...

Let's face it: The average American just want it fixed. Speaking of the plumber, in that context, if you can't fix a pipe leak, you call a plumber. Obama is the BS artist that says a good game, but is a gypsy that will run away with your money and you'll still have a leaky pipe. The problem is, McCain has a better chance of fixing your pipe, but he can't deliver on the message and people don't have confidence in him. So in this context, It's McCain's fault for not selling it, but on the other hand, when are people going to grow up and stop looking for con men telling fairy tales? I am disheartened, and if Obamessiah gets in, I will have a fit. Stay and fight or quit? Give me 5 minutes on the mat with him, and I'll even let him have a bukuto.

Anonymous said...

Over at Libertarian Republican the discussion is, "Libertarians fleeing the country." Any ideas? I posted a few options. Kind of hard to pack it in with five kids and a wife though.

We're fucked man! But then, I'm tired and tomorrow is another day. Stay optimistic Jim! Remember I once said to you, "during tough times, if anything, we can preach to the choir." And we know plenty of places online where like-minded folks share our philosophy.

Jim Lagnese said...

There's always Alaska. My 444 Marlin could be put to good use there.

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