Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Has Sarah Palin been reduced to making coffee?

Where has Sarah Palin been? Has she been reduced to making coffee? This campaign has been running out of gas at various times, only to be re-energized by some stroke of luck. It reminds of Dole's campaign, and I have said that before. I have never had this sense of resignation among the party faithful, and not in an overt way, but very subtle way, since Dole. There seems to be an attitude of playing out the hand , knowing your going to lose anyway. I hate admitting it, but it has a ring of truth for me. So where has Sarah been? Is she making coffee for the senior senator and giving him alcohol rubs? Here is a young, dynamic, smart, articulate, and beautiful woman that can hit what she aims for. Whoever is running McCain's campaign needs to be bitch slapped and kicked off the island. They are doing him and her a disservice here. She needed to be turned lose soon after her nomination and let her have at it. Someone should also tell her that if she doesn't know, say that. That's ok. No one has all the answers. No matter what happens November 4, she has a bright future. McCain is in the November of his career and it shows. I hope, at the very least, this serves as an example of how and why primogeniture does not work in the republican party. It didn't work in 1996, and it won't work now. 

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