Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is Taxing People Legitimate Theft, Necessary Evil, or Patriotic Duty?

The Honorable Barney Frank believes that shortfalls in government coffers require taking money from people in the manner of taxation. Of course he couches this in that he suggests taxing the rich, as they have the money, but what if the government is at great deficit and he suggests lowering the bar? My question is, it would seem that politicians see taxation as a legal way to part money from people to fund programs that they use as pork to get elected. In a sense, we are paying for a system that keeps them employed. I would ask any reader that is willing to respond, what is the difference between this, the Mafia or a common thief? It could be construed that there is very little difference between government and the Mafia except that one has "legitimate authority". Or is it that a government fullfills some higher moral purpose and it is justified to take money which is not earned? If the latter is the case, then how can feeding and perpetuating a system designed to keep politicians employed be a higher moral calling? 

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