Friday, October 03, 2008


Well, now it stands and the bailout bill has passed. The fall of 2008 has demonstrated at last that the American people are disenfranchised. We are disenfranchised, and have been, because our elected officials pass legislation that is against what we want and/or against what is in our best interests. They created this monster with the CRA, Freddie and Fannie, and now they ask us to not only bailout Wall Street, but give them political cover as well. The arrogance of these plutocrats and aristocrats knows no bounds, and if that wasn't insult enough, the MSM has been part and parcel of a PR firm that is supporting any candidate that suits their political ideology, which is to the left of center. They have played favorites and it will haunt them in the future, as it has become quite the joke, almost a caricature of themselves. So en toto, we have been played like Pinocchio, puppets on a string for those that uscerp power and like to see the puppet dance. In essence, we have no vote, our influence is almost meaningless to the extent it only matters if it can be manipulated to and for the advantages of those that manipulate us. The difference between the two entities is that the MSM gets a kick out of it, as it is their bread and circus. Politicians are true gangsters and it really doesn't matter. They will sell their own flesh and blood down the river and we are mere acquaintances. Where is our Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, and James Otis? We are a sorry lot indeed. 

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Anonymous said...

Thomas Sowell is a writer I have enjoyed immensely over the years. Not only an economist, but as a historian, Sowell writes clearly, and with empirical evidence.

His latest column regarding Washingtons' recent bailout is succinct, and shows who the real villians are in this debacle.

Check out his column at Atlasphere.


Jim Lagnese said...

I read him from time to time and he is probably one of the better free market economists out there. I am also well acquainted with Dr. John R. Lott, a student of Dr. Sowell's. . I guess it is a special group to belong to such that one throws away principles. Passing that bill gave cover for Frank, Dodd, Pelosi and Obama. The longer it went unsolved, the more likely their part would become apparent. People in this country are truly feckless. There should be riots over this, instead, just go to Walmart and buy another toy. There is a difference between free market and consumerism.

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