Friday, October 10, 2008

The New Hitler Youth Part Zwei

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Anonymous said...


It is very clear that you are NOT in the tank for "O'Stymie." Here is a link from The New American, that clearly spells out the basic ingrediants as to why folks should not vote for the annointed one.

By the way, watch those apostrophes! You don't want to give the impression that all of us "Micks" support the commie.


Jim Lagnese said...

I use the apostrophe as it looks better, it has nothing to do with the Irish. :) No, I could never be in the tank for him. I f I ever do, take me out, and quickly. I'll post more later today.

Anonymous said...

I was just giving you a hard time about the apostrophe, Jim.

By the way, speaking of O'Stymie; have you seen this video anywhere on the net? Rush and Hannity talked about this a few months ago, but it seemed to fizzle out. Some folks thought this was the bomb Hillary Clinton was going to let loose after Obama swindled his way to nomination.

I sure hope Berg is successful with the courts to expose this commie fraud once and for all. Should the judge order O'Stymie to fork over his birth certificate, and it clearly shows that he is not a citizen of the U.S., there will be the biggest political meltdown in our history.

Should this happen, who would take O'Stymie's place? Biden? I just did a cursory look through the Constitution, and see no provision for this.

What a glorious day it will be if this actually gets off the ground. The left will be discredited and maybe we can et our seats back in the House and Senate. The MSM will have to do a lot of explaining, and I hope they lose even more readership and viewing than they already have. This may very well be the single greatest asset and chance for the Republicans to get back on track toward fiscal responsibility.

One can pray, and this is one time when I most certainly will. Meanwhile, I will continue to read through the Constitution to find what would happen in such an event.

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