Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel: Treading Water or Sinking Fast?

When first reported, I decided to keep my counsel on mess with the Gaza Flotilla. My first reaction was, WTF? I have to say I was shocked and dismayed, but decided that it was way to early to weigh in on this.

Already, we have reports out that the Israelis tried to board the ship to lawfully prevent it from entering Israeli waters. Furthermore, that the peace activists on board attacked the commandos (such foolishness) and even tried to hang them.

Leave it to the press to pile on as well. Still, I don't want to comment on this too much, but I will offer some commentary. It is usually the MO of the left to use alleged peaceful actions into goading an enemy into reacting. Look at the Greenpeace lunatics that try to stop whaling fishermen. Same kind of deal. The premise here is that this Flotilla is on some sort of (alleged) humanitarian mission and somehow Israel dropped on them from out of nowhere and killed a dozen or so of them. As Nickie Goomba says, It don't make sense.

I will also say that these sfacimes that surround Israel know that the tide has shifted with the Obama Regime being anti-Israel, and Iran now having the capability to make nuclear weapons. We also see Iran signing deals to help other arab countries make their own as well. The log and the short of it is, expect Israel to take care of itself, and furthermore, they would be well advised to tell Obama to take a hike. He's been useless and in fact an enemy of Israel.

While I do have an interesting opinion about the palestinian problem, I will continue to keep my counsel on this until I learn more, but I would be that Israel did not act out unjustified in this. So, everyone wait and take a deep breath and lets see what really happened. Personally, I would have put a 5" through the bow.

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emanuel appel said...

The lead Turkish boat was filled with rabid Hamas supporters
armed with knives, clubs, and some pistols were taken away from the boarding party.

The boats were to be taken to an Israeli port for a cargo exam and the goods passed on if they weren't on the prohibited list.

These Turks were bent on violence. They got it.

The Right Guy said...

Thank you for commenting. Like I said, it doesn't make sense, especially in today's political climate, that Israel would act so unilaterally without cause. And it sounds like it wasn't so unilateral.

Anonymous said...

This is an stupid and absurd opinion. do you really believe that folks with knifes would go for there? Gaza coast is not Israeli territory, and they occupy it for a while. They have no right to conquer territory of Gaza, they have got more than enough.

The Right Guy said...

You seem to forget about the stun grenades and the fact they tried to hang them too. This is a peace mission? What bullshit.

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