Sunday, May 30, 2010

Iowa GOP Doesn't Get It

It what is expected to be a big year for the GOP, the outlook is so bright for back room political machine machers.

For Charlie Gruschow, a founder of the Des Moines Tea Party, whose members overwhelmingly support Vander Plaats, a Branstad nomination would be a bitter pill.
"I think I'd throw up," Gruschow said. "We talked about this (at a recent tea party meeting). One active member said if Branstad wins, she cannot and will not support him in the general election. I don't think that's the right attitude. ...
And this guy calls himself a Tea Party person? Sorry Charlie, but I am here to educate you. Look at Bennett in Utah and Paul in Kentucky. Even Brown in Massachusetts and Hoffman in NY. These races are a repudiation of GOP machine politics.  Even though Hoffman lost, he trounced a liberal candidate promulgated by the GOP machine, Mr. Potato Head Steele. How did it work for the GOP there Mr. Gruschow?

The point is, people are fed up with the GOP as much as the democrats. We are tired of RINOs who take the banner of the GOP and then screw us like any other democrat. It's become almost a one party system. Dems and Dems light. If someone doesn't support Branstad, and that is my contention, then that is their right, and may be it's a good idea. The GOP doesn't deserve my or anyone else's vote as they haven't earned it. And I have to laugh at the Des Moines Register endorsing Branstad. Always leave it to a left wing (I say left wing and not liberal, they are anathema to true liberalism) newspaper to endorse a mushy in the middle GOP candidate. Branstad will be a lot easier to take apart in the head to head campaigning that will be after the primaries, just as McCain was.

Branstad is the wrong candidate for a number of reasons: He's had four shots at it and now he wants a fifth? He's appointed the judges in this state that make law instead of sending it back to the legislature. He doesn't have a record of cutting a damn thing, not taxes or spending. He's middle of road mush, but may be that is what Iowa contains: Philosophically and ideologically challenged people. I'd like to be proven wrong, but the results speak for themselves. or Res Ipsa Loquitur. Even in rural areas where conservatism is more predominant, we have people who are pro-life yet have their hand out for government subsidies. Pragmatic at best, opportunistic at worst.

I am not a social conservative, nor am I a moderate, whatever that means, but a classical liberal, which is small government, low taxes, low spending, and keeping out of individuals lives in terms of rules, regulations and laws. An old school libertarian, Thomas Jefferson type. To be honest, none of the candidates relate to me as that in a complete sense, so even there, I have to pick and choose. Which is why, if Branstad gets the nomination, I will vote for independent Jonathan Narcisse or a write in. At least I've talked to Jon at length on my radio show and I agree with him on more things than Branstad, who will be more of the middle of the road same bullshit.

So, come June 8th, I would advise all Iowans of republican registration to vote for Roberts or Vander Platts, but not Branstad. Give someone else a shot at it, some one with different ideology and someone that isn't there to please everyone. It's too bad there is no Chris Christie in Iowa (Steve King is the closest thing we have and he won't run for governor). May be Jon, but he doesn't have the money make it happen, and Iowans aren't given to the direct refreshing honesty that Christie brings to the table where here passive aggressive has been mistake for politeness. Sometimes I really miss New York, as there is no mistake where people stand on any issue.

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