Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Andre Traversa Presents Libertarian Politics Live: Guest John R. Lott - More Guns, Less Crime

In our first segment, at 8:00 p.m., we will be covering a couple of
lawsuits against orinances in Montgomery County, Md, and Baltimore, which target crisis pregnancy centers.

According to these ordinances, crisis pregnancy centers, which are pro-life charities, are required to post signs outside their doors stating that they don't provide aboriton services. this, of course, is a gross violation of their rights as private organizations.

Speaking against these laws will be two attorneys both of whoom serve as lead counself in each lawsuit.

Our first is Thomas Schetelich, representing the cpc's in Baltimore, and our second guest is Casey mattox with the Alliance Defense Fund, the lead attorney in te Montgomery County case. Even if you're not pro-life, this is a great opportunity for libertarians and social conservatives to work together.

Our next guest, during the second half, is noted author Dr. John R. Lott, who has
just come out with the third edition of his book, MORE GUNS, LESS CRIME,
and we are privieleged to have hm on to discuss it.

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