Friday, May 21, 2010

In New Jersey, Need Trumps Ability: Why Christie Matters

With socialism, marxism, and collectivism, need always trump ability. If you do not believe me, look at the standard marxist statement: To eat according to their needs, from each according to their ability. This means that what is given from the government, which acts as a proxy by force, to those that can't or won't do. It also means, that by force, this proxy for bad ideas takes what is earned by those who not only can but want to. It's not a free will gift and it is taken without respect to the people that earned it, but rather as an unwanted obligation and a demand that they should be happy to do it.

The New Jersey legislature passed a tax hike on all those who make more than a million dollars a year. This adds up to 16,000 people out of 3.9 million. Who speaks for them? Obviously to the socialist controlled New Jersey legislature, no one should.

The bill passed along party lines, 46-32 and 23-17 in the assembly and senate respectively. In a moment of honesty, a socialist in the assembly shows their true colors:

“We’ve got a lot of people who can’t afford to pay their taxes” and need the rebates that the measure may restore, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said before the vote. “Six- hundred thousand older adults would be better off.”

There are a couple problems here. If people can't afford to pay their taxes, ask why? Why are they being taxed so high? If the answer is to pilfer those that have more money, it's irresponsible and thievery. Socialism is based on coveting and stealing. It never occurs to the dems to cut expenditures because they are bribing people with their own money. The 600,000 that are complaining of cuts to senior citizen programs are a sizable voting block where 16,000 are not. How is that for taxation without representation? Oliver should read her history to understand the consequences of such aberrant thinking.

Why Chris Christie matters is that he says he will veto this bill. The demo-socialists do not have the votes to override the veto. A good thing. Time for some fiscal responsibility and honesty.

“This is a defining moment -- it seems to me to be all about taxes, taxes and taxes,” Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce, a Republican from Parsippany, said during more than an hour of floor debate before the vote. Referring to Democrats, he said, “that’s all you guys do.”

And that is the truth. Socialists like to bribe people with their own money, and they do it as a bribe for votes. This is done to convert those that can to those that need. The more that need, the more votes the arbiters of socialism will get and thereby hold on to power. This is the path to becoming Farm Animals®. If you doubt me, look at another bit of honesty from a socialist that feels sacrifice is duty and who is also the high priest at the altar of sacrifice:

“I don’t have an issue with millionaires, I just have an issue with people not sharing in the sacrifice,” said Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat from West Deptford. “Those 16,000 people can help 600,000.”
What Sweeney isn't honest about is that the taxes he wants to steal from the 16,000 is to restore programs to bribe the 600,000. Sfacime.

It is a good thing to see a governor stand on proper rational principle and not emotion based straw man arguments and populism. He was elected to govern and govern from a position of responsibility, not of a tyrant that succors the hoi pelloi into a puerile stupor for the purpose of political hegemony. Its time to grow up.

This is why we need Chris Christie.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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commoncents said...

Funny Stuff!

We gave you a Shout Out on Common Cents today!

The Right Guy said...

Thanks! Did you ever get the feed issue resolved?

Bill589 said...

Another good, ballsy politician. Things are looking up. Pretty soon, I’ll have to use two hands to count them.

The Right Guy said...

Bill, you are more hopeful than I am. Two hands? I can only use one. You'll have to name them for me. Palin, Steve King, Possibly Rand Paul, but I think his excuse is Asperger's, Chris Christie, and after that my mind goes blank. Dale Peterson has a cool ad, but he's running for office in Alabama. He might count.

Bill589 said...

I wish I meant that literally. I’m a freshman at politics, and I can’t be sure there even is one good one. I’m learning, but now I look more for you to tell me - through reading your opinions.

This is what I think so far: I’m not going to put near as much weight on what a politician says, but on what the politician does. My family always told me, “Never trust a politician.”

I live in CT. I’m leaning Peter Schiff, but I bet you could change my mind if you wanted to.

The Right Guy said...

I grew up and lived on LI until 7 and half years ago. We had plenty of liars there, and most were from the GOP. The corruption was incredible.

My sister lives in Connecticut. She used to live in Falls Village but now lives in Torrington. CT has some screwy politics as well.

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