Saturday, May 08, 2010

Romney Holds No Sway With Tea Party

Mitt Romney was campaigning for Robert F. Bennett, left, for the GOP nomination for senator from Utah. The 76 year old Mr. Bennett is a three term senator seeking a fourth term. Not any more.

Even though Romney pleaded with delegates “Keep the veteran on the floor when you’re playing a championship game," the delegates disregarded Romney and ousted him from contention in the primary. The two remaining candidates are Tim Bridgewater, 49, a businessman, and Mike Lee, 38, a lawyer, were also united in wanting Mr. Bennett out.

According to The New York Times, “Our anything-but-Bennett bond is strong,” said William Lee, the field director for the Lee campaign. Mr. Lee, who is no relation to Mike Lee, said some delegates for each side were pledged to switch to Mr. Lee or Mr. Bridgewater to keep Mr. Bennett from qualifying for the primary election on June 22, where Mr. Bennett’s advantages in name recognition and fund-raising could be decisive.

The New York Times also asserted that Bennett is "one of the first Congressional victims of the surging ferment of discontent from the Tea Party-infused Republican right".

If this is so, the Tea Party is challenging the GOP from within, Judson Phillips is correct then in that the Tea Party will not be co-opted by the GOP, but the other way around. This is good news and what this story also shows is that Mitt is on the outside looking in with Tea Party people, he's not the real deal, but a Sears® Mannequin. Things are really starting to shape up then. Now if we could only fix the Charlie Crist problem in Florida.

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Reaganite Republican said...

I respect Mitt as a businessman, and he could help fix our nation's wrecked finances- and he's a proven winner in anything he's touched, business wise.

But when he didn't come out bravely -like Palin- in NY-23, coupled to the fact he still wont' admit RomneyCare was a mistake... he's ruined as a presidential candidate in the TEA Party era- maybe a cabinet post.

Palin-Patraeus 2012!!!

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