Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mama Grizzly Bear Is On The War Path

The Mama Grizzly Bear, Sarah Palin, was on the war path yesterday at a meeting of the NRA in Charlotte, North Carolina. Palin warned those in attendance that Obama wants to gut the second amendment. She also said that "Mama Grizzlies" will bring the GOP big wins in November.

In spite of Obama's anti-gun ownership beliefs, he has been distracted, so far, from enacting measures to limit second amendment rights. Issues like healthcare, cap and tax and amnesty have come to the fore and delayed Obama from acting against gun rights. Considering that November is fast approaching, time is nigh for him to do anything legislatively. That does not, however, prevent him from acting through bureaucrats and executive fiat. Remember, Obama excoriated rural americans that they cling to their bibles, guns and religion.

I do not think these comments have been forgotten and in the context of the 2010 and 2012 elections, these points must be driven home: That Obama is a fabian socialist and effete mountebank that wishes to transform america into a feckless European-like nation where the citizens are like Farm Animals®, and Obama is the messianic farmer that will care for his flock. Such narcissistic hubris is unbelievable, even in a politician. A despot for sure, and even Woody Allen wishes he was a dictator. You'd think a Jew would be leery of anyone being a dictator. How quickly we forget.

If Obama makes moves to throttle the second amendment, you can believe he will have several other tricks up his sleeve that will follow soon after. In fact, I have to say for the record, that I am shocked that the feds haven't jumped in after Arizona made carry, both open and concealed, practically ubiquitous with the new law. Don't take his silence as anything like defeat. Change is coming here too.

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Tim said...

Hmm. No mention that Obama has expanded gun freak's right. You can now carry your weapons in my National Parks and on Trains. Where is your love? Oh, you need to whip of fear of the boogy man how gonna come steal your toys right. You sad sallys are a laugh riot.

The Right Guy said...

Your national parks? Executive orders can be rescinded very easily and carrying in national parks isn't a big deal like removing the restriction in DC, Illinois and Wisconsin. To quote the mountebank in chief, "we cling to our guns"...Obviously, he has no love for it, and knows it would be political suicide to restrict us...that doesn't mean he won't, given the opportunity.

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