Wednesday, May 26, 2010

North Korea Found to Be Responsible For Sinking: Could Oil Rig Be That Far Off?

Reported in the news, South Korea alleges that North Korea sunk the boat with a torpedo. Shown on CNN, are fragments of said torpedo.     While the non-interventionists take the side of North Korea and call the evidence fake, the South Koreans and the US plan naval exercises and both call for the cessession of trade with North Korea. 
 Earlier this month we published an article here and on Libertarian Republican from Michael Savage's website that proposed that the North Koreans torpedoed the Deepwater Horizon Oil Platform in the gulf. We did publish a disclaimer that these views were not necessarily the views of The Right Guy Show and Libertarian Republican. I stated in my own opinion that occam's razor applies.

Then I got an email from Eric this week saying may be the North Korean's involvement wasn't too far fetched:

"Ya know, with confirmation that it was North Korea that sunk that South Korean ship, suddenly the N. Korea theory on BP isn't so far-fetched.  Care to do a follow-up?  I'm surprised I'm not seeing anyone now suggesting this"
You know Eric, you have a point. So just to stir up the pot, does anyone want to jump in on this again? Is it still a far fetched conspiracy theory or plausible now?

My own opinion is that occam's razor applies, meaning that the simplest and most reasonable explanation  is the right one, which is it just blew up. But you have to admit that this whole oil rig disaster has been a morbid comedy of errors where Obama now makes Bush look like an overbearing mother with his response to Katrina. It is a far comparison and Obama has failed miserably. Much worse than Bush ever has and with a 42% approval rating in less than a year and a half, he's heading down very quickly. 

So there you have it, or do you? With all the tensions with North Korea, would they be so bold? Tensions seems to be building in a post-Bush Obama world, with Israel on maneuvers, ratcheting it up with Iran, who with Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is making nuclear deals with other mideast countries, North Korea sinking a South Korean Navy vessel, and now with South Korea and the US stopping all trade with NK and NK threatening war if anyone retaliates? We also have the continuing mess and morass in Afghanistan and even though Iraq is now secured, we still have bombings and violence. Will these seem like separate, isolated instances, there seems to be a synchronicity to it that may be it's not completely random. I wonder what Occam would think?

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LL said...

Ships that call at Wansan (DPRK Port) are tracked by the US Navy. It would be interesting to see if any of them have been in the Caribbean. However the Cubans or the Venezuelans are more likely culprits since they're closer and hate us just as much.

I agree with you that it had a systemic failure and everything points to that.

The Right Guy said...

Do we track their subs? Do Venezuela and Cuba have subs? I know pakistan has nuclear missile subs. That's a scary thought. You have to wonder how we keep track of it all.

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