Friday, May 14, 2010

Sarah Palin Leads The Charge Of The Pink Elephants

Sarah Palin, speaking at the Susan B. Anthony List said that “emerging feminist coalition” will produce “a better America in this exceptional country” after the 2010 elections in what she said will become a remarkable tribute to the original feminism of the western frontier. 

Palin was the Keynote speaker at the “Celebration of Life Breakfast” of the Susan B. Anthony List, which is a pro-life organization. 

Palin continued:

“One action, one vote, one election, one American dream at a time,” ... bringing the crowd of more than 550 to their feet.

Palin compared the Susan B. Anthony List to the Tea Party encouraging the crowd that their endorsements would be important come November. 

Palin continued in her speech coining such phrases as “a stampede of pink elephants" and "Moms can be counted on to fight for their children’s future. Well, you don’t want to mess with mama grizzlies in Alaska. They rise up.”

One has to wonder where Palin is going with all of this. Obviously she has a strong pull in some demographics in spite of her negatives among others. You either hate her or love her. Some strategists see her too polarizing to be a serious candidate in 2012. If that were true, would she have stayed beyond her 15 minutes as she has done?

If there is any observation I can elucidate on, it's that Palin has a mind of her own, at times bull headed, and in spite of what some will advise, say or scorn, she will do what she wants to do. What does that mean? I have to think she's going to run 2012. I can't believe that she's putting all this energy into a process where she is only the warm up act for some Sears® Mannequin or the Tin Man. She clearly has more energy and drive than either put together and could easily paired with a half a dozen GOP candidates that could do well, some better than others. Question is, if she runs, who  runs on the top of the ticket, and who on the bottom (How about running with Gov. Christie?)? 

There's plenty of time for this to fall together, so in the mean time, expect the mama grizzly to lead the pink elephants to victory in 2012. At this point, she isn't going away, and she shouldn't. 

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Bill589 said...

I’m a political freshman that lived much of his life believing there were some kind of balance of powers, a free press, and other safeguards in government so that I didn’t have to pay much attention. My bad.

I love Palin. It’s the strangest thing - I trust her. I usually don’t associate trust with politicians. I think her weaknesses are the kind that can be remedied with books. I think she’s pointed in the Right direction. And I know she’s got balls.

Bill589 said...

Oops. I actually commented on your page without reading it first. No, this is not Holden. My name is Bill Patterson. I see my address on your comment page. Do you need me to type that in a comment?

The Right Guy said...

Bill589 is fine. Some people post anonymously, without a profile or anything. I don't need to know your given name necessarily, but I don't like completely anonymous posters.

Palin is a paradox for me. As someone that eschews emotional decisions, she touches an emotional part of me. May be it's because she's a pretty chick, who knows. Generally, I distrust charismatics as they persuade not my by rationality, but by emotions and coupled with straw man arguments, it is a problem for me.

That being said, I think Palin needs to rely less on schtick and more on rationality and her own voice. May be mama grizzly is her own voice, may be not. I don't know her enough to know for sure, but I get the feeling some of it is put on. I also believe she needs to become a little more studied about things. Considering who has been president, she capable enough, and she is on the right side of the issues, so may be I shouldn't complain. I just wouldn't say she's the best we have, just the top of the heap that is. It might be interesting if she and Christie ran together. Talk about a balls infused platform.

wisetrog said...

You should see her recent interview with Greta which was chock full of policy detail and her conference with Jan Brewer which was shorn of emotionalism given the highly charged issue as immigration.

There's a context for everything. Most of the time you have seen her rallying the crowds, given her veep run that's what she was supposed to do, and her job there was to fire up the crowds, not put them to sleep. See her in more subdued
platform and her restrained, subtle convincing performances and make a balanced decision.

The Right Guy said...

I hope you are correct. It reminds me of Reagan, who was excoriated for being a dunce. Ronnie actually kept up with foreign affairs, reading all the current events news he could get his hands as well as reading books as well. He was a lot better informed than people knew. I hope the same is true of Palin. Since I don't know her, personally or even met her, I cannot say, only conjecture. For me, the schtick is starting to come off as canned if not insincere. I (we) need to hear more substance, and I think if we do, it will be better for her.

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