Thursday, May 06, 2010

Does Poll Reveal The Need For Tea Party?

A national poll revealed some interesting things. Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll revealed that 56% of voters say they have less confidence that elected officials in DC will make good financial and economic decisions, Just 48% approve of the job Obama is doing, while 46% disapprove,and Just 39% say they trust Obama more than GOPers in Congress.

what is most revealing is that 32% say they believe the GOP has the right ideas. That's right, only 32%. While Only 39% of voters said they would vote to re-elect Pres. Obama, Dems have a small 39%-35% advantage on the generic Congressional ballot.

This tells me that the GOP isn't bringing it on, that they aren't doing their job. They can't sell it because they don't have it. While the Democrats have showed their true colors and screwed us in the process, the GOP hasn't come up with anything and counting on the default vote won't do it.

Enter the Tea Party. They have classical liberal ideas and the backing of a large portion of independents. The GOP would like nothing more than to co-opt the Tea Party and use their constituency to get them in in November. What then? A roll back to RINO days where they screw us a little less than Pelosi and company? Could be. Judson Philips of the Tea Party swears it will be the Tea Party that will take over the GOP. Really?

While The Tea Party has amassed some popularity and momentum, not being a formal organization with a purpose beyond steering the GOP has limited their effect. Michael Steele aka Mr. Potato Head, doesn't have the fear of god in him yet. The GOP needs to recall the name "Whigs". The Tea Party should have coalesced in such a way as to foment that notion. They really have not. And the major disappointment for me has been Palin taking the middle road by being loyal to those that pissed on her for another 15 minutes. She may have designs for 2012, but fear of repeating the Bull Moose fiasco of 1912 should not stop her from taking the reins. Rush Limbaugh can't do it, neither will Glenn Beck and Certainly not Sean Hannity. This has to build like a tidal wave and wash everything away when it hits shore. Right now I am wondering if I will get more than one good wave to ride.

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LL said...

The GOP doesn't seem to embrace the values espoused by the Tea Party Movement because they are part of the same broken system.

The nation has rough times ahead.

The Right Guy said...

Pretty much LL. The certainly haven't distinguished themselves, but I don't see the Tea Party moving forward as a replacement. It's as if they don't want to be a political party or are limiting themselves for some reason. They had no problem charging for the convention in Nashville, so what's the difference? It can't believe because they think money is dirty. Without some type of formalized movement and the vision and direction to replace the GOP, they will be just another fad like Ross Perot if that. They don't take their position seriously enough.

Chuck said...

The Tea Party isn't a political entity. It's a protest movement. As such, it has no goals other than opposition to the status quo.

The battle is in the primaries. That's what matters most. That is where an anti-incumbency mindset on a a massive scale will manifest itself in a positive way. The worst possible scenario would be some third party draining votes from the anti-government voting bloc.

The Right Guy said...

Chuck, then they are just malcontents that may go away when the right lollipop gets put in their mouth or the next thing comes along. Just as the GOP supplanted the Whigs, so can something else supplant the GOP. The Tea Party has the momentum, but not the wherewithal. Even if they took over the GOP from the inside, that would be good, but I haven't seen that yet. That being said, opposition to the status quo isn't necessarily a moral or philosophical stand. Will they be against the next set of people? Contrarianism gets old.

Chuck said...

"opposition to the status quo isn't necessarily a moral or philosophical stand."

Maybe so. But...

I would say it's moral, and partially philosophical inasmuch as opposition to one philosophy implies adherence to a competing one. (An exception to this would be most self-styled "real libertarians" who are pretty much devoted nihilists)

Politics at rest is persuasion. Politics in action is objectives. Protests do little on either front.

The Right Guy said...

Agreed. So what do you do when the party that is in the right fails and fails again, and does not listen to it's constituency? Is there ever a time for reinvention?

Chuck said...

The better is better than the worse. I don't pine for perfect "leaders" in government, because I don't expect them to show up any time soon. Government is a reflection of the society that elects it. I think it childish to imagine the ascendancy of some conservative/libertarian ideological political class from a nation that isn't of that stripe.

The type of people who currently populate the Federal government are not a cause. They are an effect. We should understand that our goals must be cultural more than political. Until we understand this, they will just keep marching right along to their collectivist drumbeat and we'll be wondering what happened.

A perfect example of what I'm talking about is the case of the kids being suspended from school for wearing the flag of their country on Mexican Beerfest Day. In a right thinking country, the brainless fuck who made that decision could never again get a job in a school even as a janitor.

What do you imagine will happen to that person? Nothing. Why? Because the average person will not stand up and MAKE anything happen. Fuck a tea party. Everybody in that town should band together to make that asshole's life a living hell.

But they won't. Without consequences, there will be no change.

And a nation shrinks.

The Right Guy said...

Chuck, what if we go for the better than worse and they still don't make it right? I am not talking about perfect leaders at all. Just people that go in the right direction. Going to socialism slower is the right thing. In spite of W and having the GOP in charge for awhile, we are still sliding down mountain.Of course it's a symptom, but we put the wrong solution to the problem in. We aren't even breaking even. At some point chuck, either things change because a few get sick of it and go over the table, or we become Farm Animals®. Right now we have enough people that are sick of it, and I guess we'll have to wait until November to see what happens, but if the malcontents get distracted or lose interest what then? You better hope that they people we put in this year have a bigger impact in our favor than anyone before.

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