Saturday, May 22, 2010

Michelle Obama Admits That Barack Is From Kenya

Res Ipsa Loquitur?

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Sue said...

I GOOGLED "does Home Country mean birthplace? and found this comment on a blog talking about this same video of Michelle Obama.

I hate to rain on your parade, but I, too, am a very conservative individual that is not happy at all with Mr. Obama and his agenda. My grandparents came here from Hungary in 1907. My father was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1909. Fortunately, I was able to travel to Hungary just about 100 years from the time that my Grandparents left Hungary for the United States and got to see the "old country". For many reasons it turns out that the city of Papa, Veszprem, Hungary, has changed very little since the time of my grandparents living there so I was able to walk many streets and see many things just they way they looked through their eyes. As I prepared for that trip, during that trip, and since I have referred to that adventure as returning to the "homeland" or the "old country" because it was the place of my grandparent's birth. Those are quite natural phrases. That does not mean that I have any less love for my "home country" which is a phrase, I, too, could easily have used. I love my home country, the United States, and I do not have any ties to Hungary other than it is the place of birth and home for my grandparents for a number of years. I am sorry, but using such phrases when describing a trip to the country of one's ancestors is a very natural thing to do. Had she said, "the country of his birth", that would have been another thing... Sorry....

For me, that explains it nicely, how about you?

The Right Guy said...

One, I am not a birther: Under the law, even if he was born in Kenya, he still would be a US citizen. I found it interesting though. I do find your argument a little soft. My dad's parents were from Italy and they had no such assumptions, and neither did I when I visited there in 1994. I just find it interesting she would talk s such, but this was before Obama had presidential aspirations, at least publicly.

In a practical sense though, Obama behaves as if he was never born here or a citizen, but rather one of the Farm Animals® from Europe.

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