Monday, May 03, 2010

The Mountebank-In-Chief Fails Again: Day one?

From Day One, Obama and his team say they were on the scene and doing their job. Really? His idea of helping a disaster is through the SBA. How does this help when a hurricane is coming or an oil rig blows up? Nothing for awhile at best. Obama is good at paying lip service to what he will do, but has delivered very little. Right now we are two weeks out form the oil rig disaster and we are no closer to getting it under control. He makes W look like an overbearing mother.

No one is buying Obama's dog and pony show or any narrative he may be promulgating. This disaster created an unarguable point from which one could say everything now is Obama's responsibility. HE can't blame Bush or the GOP, he can't blame the Tea Party, and he can't blame the Jonas Brothers. From now on it's all on him.

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Reaganite Republican said...

I was already ready to strangle the morons that voted this guy in... but now I'm really just bewildered how half this country is just kicking back while this pompous nothing takes a wrecking-ball to our once-great society.

No real American has an excuse for not doing all in their power to decimate the Dems in November... not one.

The Right Guy said...

I don't think everyone is sitting back. Remember that the American Revolution had the full support of may be one third of the people, may be a little more. There's a tipping point, and we have reached it. November will come, and it will be a rout.

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