Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Uber Libertarian Penn Jillette Puts Rachel Harris In Her Place

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Libertarian Penn Jillette defended the Tea Party movement  on CNN's Larry King Live.

Larry King asked Jillette if he considered himself to be a Tea Partier:

"I, there's a lot I disagree with them on, and I'm not really part of it, but I always think that a distrust of the government is the healthiest thing Americans can have. I think that the country was built, the most American thing you can have is a distrust of leaders. Don't follow leaders, watch your parking meters."
Then another guest,  comedienne Rachell Harris, accused the Tea Party of being "more about racism."

Jillette responded:
"Well, that's the magic word. Once you say "racism," the other side loses automatically. And I don't think we have very much evidence that that's what it is. Don't they have to be doing racist things besides you just saying that they're racist?"

HARRIS: "No, but they're looking at the number of people that are in, like, the majority of the people that are in the Tea Party."

JILLETTE: "So the race that they are makes them racist by definition?"

Read the full transcript at Newsbusters):

I guess her logic would make all members of the NAACP racist as well as NOW. What a concept Rachel. You are a stunad. 

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