Thursday, May 20, 2010

Landis, Armstrong and killing the yellow goose that lays the rotten egg

The termites are coming out of the woodwork, they are angry and they want to take Pinocchio down. In this case, the termites are Lance Armstrong, USA Cycling, International Cycling and the plethora of others that are the co-dependent delusional enablers to lying, cheating, and otherwise rectal-cranial inversion. Pinocchio is Floyd Landis.

I'll be clear here. I don't care so much if someone uses steroids of not. A person still has to work hard to get to that level. What I am against is the intellectual dishonesty that goes on in all sports where steroids are used and some forms of entertainment like Professional Wrestling. As with body building, there is no way someone 5'8-5'10 can weigh 300lbs, with single digit body fat and claim they are natural and any sane person should believe them. They are liars. They also help sell a lot of supplements that don't do a damn thing or don't produce the result that people are led to believe. It's about the money.

With Lance and Company, he too has a lot of endorsements and money at stake. Being honest will cost him, just as honesty cost Tiger Woods. It doesn't mean that some how they were entrapped or someone's trying to tarnish them. They do this to themselves and can blame no one else but themselves. In Landon's case, he is not blaming Armstrong, but revealing what is going on. Tough shit Lance.

What I would challenge all in sports that use performance enhancing drugs, is that if these drugs work, and by all measures they do, then why not come out and champion their use? Why not educate the public? Is sneaking around and cheating not to be discovered so honorable? Many people look up to all of you and you should and will be held to a higher standard. That higher standard calls for honesty and if taking these drugs is what it takes, then educate the public, and I would bet things would change for the better.

The flip side is that coming clean will also mean, other then the penalties that may arise, that they will have to compete clean or find impossible ways to cover their tracks. May be they won't be able to dope as effectively and in either case, their performance will go down, and with it, in their mind, their competitiveness. Again, it it works, if it is necessary, then sell us on it, educate us.

Unfortunately, sports athletes are feckless in that pursuit and don't even try. The only guy I have read that comes close is Will Brink, and he is a fitness guru, not a professional athlete.

What I find more despicable though, are the termites that come out to defend the obviously guilty, like a co-dependent enabling parent does when her baby gets arrested. Not my baby, he was a good boy. he just like to drink a little...Etc. Enough. It's time for athletes to come clean about this, even at their peril. In fact, if all of them did, it would be such a number that they couldn't penalize them all as the sport would cease to exist.

So does Landis deserve the brick bats he is getting? He did it, so he will take the heat. Unfortunately, Lance and Company don't have the stones he does. Instead they hide behind naive fans that do not want to believe the truth. It's time to grow up. Livehonest.

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