Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Il Duce Bloomberg Wants British Style Big Brother

Il Duce Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants British style big brother for New York City.

The Mayor travelled to London to talk to  the police chief there and to see how the over 500,000 camera's they have work. That's right, over half a million cameras in London alone. In fact, an average person can be filmed 300 times in a single day.

According to CBS News, "since the Times Square car bomb scare on May 1, the mayor's been looking to build up New York's camera network.

That means adding to the ring of steel in Times Square, similar to central London's. The mayor said more NYPD surveillance cameras may prevent another terror scare."

The story continues:

Cameras record the license plate of every single car that enters the capital. Yet it didn't stop terrorists from planting a car bomb outside this downtown nightclub three years ago. It failed to go off.

Of course the logic of the left is to double down when driving over the cliff. This is nothing new to Bloomberg, who loves to grab power and use his authority to create his metropolitan utopia. While the Farm Animals® across the pond may be ok with it, I would hope New Yorkers are a different breed. We used to be. Then again, it's nearly impossible to legally own a pistol in NYC, so may be barn isn't that far off for my 21st century brethren. God help them with such hypocrites in Gracie Mansion. It's times like these that I pine for not only Rudy or Mayor Ed, but even Dinkins sounds halfway reasonable.

Yes We do.

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