Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Mexican Government Is Ridiculous

H/T Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit

In what was supposed to be a visit Mexico ad and what may be construed as the latest attempt at point the finger, the Mexican Government ran an ad in The Arizona Republic. You can see the ad at left. First off, who wears woodland green camouflage in the desert? No wonder the Mexican Government is so bad at stopping the drug lords and their minions: The Mexican army can be seen miles away in plain sight. Secondly, anyone with a third grade education or better would know that the illegal immigration is pretty much in one direction. If someone gets a jonesing for a margarita and cerviche and wants to go to Cancún, Acapulco, or Puerto Vallarta, they will fly United Airlines or some other airline to get there. Furthermore, the drug trade generally flows in our direction as does the traffic of humans escaping the hopeless and feckless life of living south of the border.

At the very least, this is just an asinine attempt to poke fun at Arizona and SB1070, and at most a veiled threat to Americans traveling south of the border. Either way it's ridiculous, but it has Sheriff Joe's bowels in an uproar. Lets hope he keeps away from the refried beans for the next couple days. And Joe, take a break, please.

The bottom line this shows how feckless the Mexican Government is in not only creating an ad that makes any sense, but in taking care of their own problems, which usually is to do nothing. From the land where La Hermandad is an acceptable part of their government. Need I say more? Calderón, usted se ha demostrado ser un cabrón, un nabo y posiblemente un pajero. Capisce? Stonato.

I wish the Mexican government luck in their pursuit of getting more Americans to visit and catching American illegal aliens, but if they wish to solve the problem, the first thing they need to do is wear desert camo, the second is turn around and face the other way, that way they will see the future aliens heading their way. Either that, or offer a free margarita or two with some ceviche when Americans get to town. It can't hurt.

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