Thursday, May 06, 2010

Is the UK screwed? The Vote Is Coming In

Now there's an oxymoron: Scottish Conservatives. In the land that makes the  best adult beverages, we have conservatives that would be to the left of Obama.

David Cameron and his conservatives are leading the charge with 305 seats versus 255 for Labour and 61 for Liberal Democrats. 326 is needed for a clear majority and 29 seats fell to other parties.  So much for Gary's preaching of multiple parties. They will now have a hung government.

Likely, the Liberals with forma a coalition with Labour. Some of the minor parties could align with the conservatives, but even so, there is no 326 seat majority.

The god news is that the conservatives have made some serious gains. Still, the Brits do not have anything considerable in the way of classical liberals, libertarians or a "Tea Party". The conservatives in the UK may be pro-business and pro-lwer taxes, but it's relative, and they also support many big government programs that are anathema to liberty. Think of RINOs as a large group. We certainly wouldn't welcome them here, but in the context of british politics, it's going in the right direction so to speak.

With the results in the UK, and the ascendancy of the likes of Geert Wilders, it doesn't take one to realize that even in small or relative ways, Europe is getting pangs of moving right, as being hard left for decades is starting bring home consequences in immigration, taxation, and national debt. Even the Farm Animals® there are starting to get restless.

Normally, America sneezes and the world (Europe) catches a cold. Could the reverse be happening? Or is it sychronicity? Inevitability? Certainly not chance.

What I see is a good start, but I would like to see classical liberal elements make progress in Europe. Until then, they will be Farm Animals®.

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Anonymous said...

Hugh Hewitt had a guest on today (I don't remember his name) who is an expert on American and British constitutional law. Hugh asked him if he though Cameron's policies would be good for the UK, and his response was that he wished he had more confidence in Cameron and his Conservative Party. The guest thought Cameron and many Conservatives were moving left, therefore were not even close to being in the same league as Margaret Thatcher.

The Right Guy said...

Yes Will, that is true and the problem with the brit conservatives. The result is what we read in the Times UK or some other rag where Simon Cowell endorsed Cameron and complained about Knife crime. Remember Tony Martin Mr. Cowell? The wolves use knives as guns are limited, but the Farm Animals® still can't defend themselves. They are nearly equally part of the problem, just less evil as the GOP has been here.

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